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What's it like to work with me?

Here's a testimonial video!

Someone recently referred to me as a "videographer for introverts".


...and its true, I do love helping people overcome whatever obstacles might be in the way of sharing their stories. I find that listening is the most important part of videography: feeling my way into the teller's passion for whatever the story might be. Fundraising, marketing, social media, tutorials, self expression, documenting, all of the various applications of video have the ability to not only reach an intended audience but to empower the teller.

If you have a story to tell and perhaps some hesitation in telling it, get in touch! Let's see if we can dream up a beautiful way to share with the world and have some fun doing it.

Work Samples:

"Love Song of a Windup Girl"

Music video for musician Kristin Gordon

February 2021

"Watching You Fall"

Music video for Resonate Choral Arts

November 2020

"E3 031019" : An experimental music video I made in collaboration with composer Dan Bernard. More of our music videos can be found on our Youtube Channel.

May 2019

Fundraising video edited primarily from Zoom conference video footage for the Center for Living Compassion 

September 2018

A quick "taster" video for Life Art Being Integrative Arts Festival. I selected and edited images shot by several photographers, added sound and recorded and added voiceovers. 

 March 2017

Introductory video for a Women's Creativity Retreat in Allenspark, Colorado. I shot the footage over the weekend, edited and sound edited it.

January 2019

Introductory video I shot, edited and sound edited for a Patreon page.

June 2018

Video Tutorial I shot, edited and sound edited for

Portland Homestead Supply Company

March 2016

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