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Community Supported Art Practice

invites you to support a working artist and in return receive regular infusions of hand made beauty.



How it works:

~You select a 12 month subscription package and receive a quarterly share of my harvest of art, plus a monthly community newsletter with updates on what's going on in the art studio.

~Art Harvest packages will be delivered in March, June, September and December. 

~Your 12 month subscription can begin at any point in the year, and you will be guaranteed four deliveries of art.

Art is food for the soul.

~Living hands impart a presence to made things that ground and connect us to our environments. We hunger for meaning and connection just as we hunger for good food. 

~For more about why Art matters, see my Artist's Statement here

~Community Supported Art Practice is based on the CSA (community supported agriculture) model. The intention is to make the sustenance of hand made things accessible while building relationships over time.

Here's a short video with more thoughts about my CSA:

What can you expect in your art share? 


2023's art harvest will include some combination of these inspirations:

~Home-sized original paintings, drawings and mixed media work /art zines / hand embroidered fabric art / STICKERS! / 2024 LorioArt calendar

NOTE: as with Agricultural CSA's, the items listed above depend on fair weather and the ebb and flow of creative process. This is what I'm dreaming of making available. There will be flux and surprises.

Small Share:

$15.00 per month

Look forward to four sweet deliveries of original and printed art, plus...

Full Share:

$25.00 per month

A larger helping of beauty. Four deliveries to enjoy -- and perhaps share with others?

Patron Share:

$40.00 per month

Patrons receive four healthy deliveries of art, and will be given original artwork options to choose from when available.

One Time Donation

Thank You!

Make a one time donation in the amount of your choice and receive a gratitude gift from me.

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